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Moving apartment

Have you bought a new apartment or rented one in another part of town? Then you will definitely need the services of apartment moving. With the help of professional movers and packers you can easily move heavy furniture, safe, musical instruments, bulky cargo and large amounts of hand luggage.

If you decide to do it yourself, then moving an apartment without movers is cheaper. But in this case, the loading / unloading of things will have to perform independently. For loading heavy items you can order the transportation of cargo with a hydroboard. The hydraulic lifting mechanism allows fast lifting of cargo (weight up to 1,5 tons) on a car board.

Our company will help you with your move to Lancaster and other locations in California. Our experts will select the right transport, develop the best route for fast transportation.

Company office relocation

Once you have chosen a new location to which you plan to move the company’s staff, many questions arise at once:

Where to get roomy transportation?
Who will carry the oversized and heavy things?
How much time will it take to move the entire office?
Who will do the disassembly, assembly and installation of the furniture?
How do you pack items that need extra care?
Where can I get packing cardboard boxes?

How to properly move to another office

By organizing the move yourself you waste your energy, nerves and most importantly – you lose a certain number of potential customers, because the office will be unstable, the full production process will be disrupted.
Ask for help from us and our company will be able to professionally carry out the office move, taking into account all your wishes, almost without interrupting the normal functioning of the office.
Cooperation with the customer we begin with the signing of the contract. It takes into account and fixes all the nuances, timing, full material responsibility for the property transported. Full payment for the services provided for the transportation of the customer’s property is made on completion of all works described in the contract.

Moving furniture

The company provides professional furniture moving services in Lancaster, CA. Carrying capacity of machines is up to 5 tons.

Freights are transported onboard and tilt cars, as well as vehicles with hydro-boards, which allows to lift to the body of a car objects weighing up to 1.5 tons without any extra effort.

The integrity of furniture can guarantee only professional trucking companies. Specialists take into account:

The fragility of glass inserts, fittings (previously removed from the furniture).
Expensive elements of decoration (natural wood, incrustation).
Furniture antiques (requires special attention and transportation conditions).
Size and weight of the cargo.