Moving furniture

Peculiarities and rules of furniture transportation

Transportation of furniture will be needed in the following cases:

When buying a new set or individual interior items in the store, if the seller does not provide delivery services.
When an apartment or office move.
When delivering items from a temporary warehouse to your own.

Rules of transportation:

Order a car for trucking should be ordered in advance.
For furniture transportation cars with special fasteners for reliable fixation of cargo are used.
For transportation, cars with low body landing are best suited.
Inexpensive transportation of furniture with movers will greatly simplify the task of loading / unloading of heavy items, saving you time and effort.
Before transportation, the furniture should be prepared. Take off all the fittings, remove the glass inserts (if possible). Also remove shelves. Seal doors with masking tape. Furniture is wrapped in special packing bags (film).
To protect furniture from deformation, damage, use boxes of corrugated soft cardboard, stretch film, bubble wrap, tape, cardboard corners, thick fabric.
Furniture is gently lowered into the elevator or stairs. If the furniture is very heavy, bulky, you definitely need the help of 3-4 people.